about the company

Custom feeders have been trading for over seventeen years however we have had many more years of experience tooling vibratory Bowl feeders Parts feeders and the ancillary equipment associated.  Whether it is refurbishing your current existing models for retooling or to modify to suit change in component form or supplying a complete new feeding system we can help.In addition we can also supply the ancillary equipment regarding Linear Feeders, Bulk Hoppers, Small Conveyors, Stands, Electrical sensing equipment and also Acoustic housing .We also offer servicing to any current Bowl feeding equipment you may have and take on service contracts to ensure your production keeps running.

Our Customers

We serve a wide range of clients from the Aircraft Fasteners / Automotive / and Special purpose machine builders, plus local enterprises.

Custom Feeders manufacture a standard range of Bowl feeders predominately used for supplying Grinding / Thread rolling machines with High and low feed rates, these units are of various sizes to handle the production range required, with easy adjustability between sizes using only a single Allen key.

The above units deliver components hanging from the head as most of this equipment requires, however some components need to be dropped down a tube load system, we also supply.

Contact Us

 22 Station Road, Rearsby, LEICESTER LE7 4YY

01664 424 996 / 07973 837246

our aims

We strive to supply solutions to your Bowlfeeding issues whether it is help and advice on future projects or new equipment we are here to offer our services.


All our equipment is fully tested and guaranteed to ensure it leaves our works and does the job and keeps on doing it.


Custom Feeders have had many years of happy customer relation and a proven track in industry, we are more than happy for you to contact our customers for references to our product, quality and services we can arrange this should you require.


We hope this brief out line of our company explains some of the products we can offer you however to find out more information that may be of help to you please Contact our Technical sales and service department.